Pavement Artist

2016 Results

0-5 yrs, 1st Ryan, 2nd Anya, 3rd Felicity

6-8 yrs, 1st Olivia Dawn, 2nd Jinnie Rodwell, 3rd Beth Romain

9-11yrs, 1st Zoe Neighbour, 2nd Poppy Dowle, 3rd Jack Rodwell

12-16yrs 1st Harriet Dann, 2nd Millie Cooke, 3rd Connor Seabourne

2015 Results

0-5 yrs, 1st Millie 2nd Kyra, 3rd Jacob

6-8 yrs, 1st James Fulham, 2nd Tye Hayes, 3rd Charlotte Bruce

9-11yrs, 1st Abigail, 2nd James Night, 3rd Tom

12-16yrs 1st Sarah, 2nd Mia, 3rd Keely

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