Services Triathlon

 2017 Results:
1st Lifeboat
2016 results 

1st Lifeguards

2nd Fire Service

3rd Lifeboat 

4th Coastguard

Emergency Services Triathlon
Probably the only triathlon in the UK with 4 disciplines, and no cycling. So not really a triathlon at all !
A great spectators events as teams of ten from local emergency services compete against each other to own bragging rights and the services trophy.
Teams come from Police, Fire, Coastguard, Lifeboat and Lifeguards.
As a team they will conquer beach running, swimming in the tidal aspect of River Teign, followed by kayak race and finally a rowing race.
A closely matched event with lifeguards showing off their fitness during the early stages, but often the experience of the other teams makes the change overs hectic and exciting to watch.
Come along to cheer on a service of your choice.
2015 Results:
1st  Lifeboat
2nd Coastguard
3rd Lifeguard
4th Police
5th Fire Service