Website Updated with 2017 Dates

The website has now been updated with all the dates 2017!  Starting with the AGM on Friday 20 January 2017, 7pm at Sea Sports (between the Newquay & Ship Inn). We’re always looking for new members to join our happy crew, #yellowarmy, in making each Regatta bigger and better. If you can’t make it on the night don’t worry just let us know and we’ll be in contact with you, the more the merrier! 😁 hope to see you there 😎



Sun 14th Aug
6.30 pm for 7.00 pm Presentation Evening

Presentation of all other Regatta trophies will take place at

Teignmouth Corinthian Yacht Club Eastcliff Walk


Current trophy holders should ensure that the trophies are returned (cleaned and polished!) to Lucy Pitts (telephone 07968 423016).


#YellowArmy Signing Off for 2016

What a fab day to end a great week! So that’s it for another year, thank you to everyone who has competed, supported, donated, helped out and just been there!! This is the ‪#‎yellowarmy‬ signing off. Until next year guys 😉😎😃🏆👍🏻🚣🏼🎉
P.S. If anyone would like to join our happy crew please message us; we are always pleased to welcome new members 😊


Sun 7th Aug
11.15 am Beach Lifesaving Display Offshore from the front beach by the pier, our local Lifesavers start the day off with a demonstration of life saving techniques.  
11.30 am Coastguard & R.N.L.I. Display Offshore from the front beach, by the pier – a superb spectator event showing the skill and courage of our rescue personnel, using  Teignmouth’s own inshore lifeboat, the Torbay offshore lifeboat and the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter from Portland (subject to availability).  helo
2.00 pm Rowing Races Entries and registration accepted on the day.This Regatta event has some hard fought races together with plenty of fun activities, with something for all ages and abilities.Fully equipped boats are available if required.Whether a novice or an experienced rower, come along and join in with this fun afternoon of activities.Great entertainment for spectators too!

Cash prizes for race winners.

1.30pm: Registration near Ferry landing.

Entry fees: Under 16’s – free; 16’s and over – £1 per race.

2.00pm: Races start (order to be determined on the day):


Men’s pairs Men over 40 Men’s singles Mixed pairs

Ladies pairs

Ladies over 40

Ladies singles

Ladies backwater race

Boys under 18

Boys under 14

Boys under 12

Men’s backwater race

Girls under 18

Girls under 14

Girls under 12

Generation Race (adult with under 12 & adult with over 12)

Relay Race under(under 16’s & adults)

Balloon Race

Shovel race – 4 people, 2 shovels, 1 bucket to be supplied by committee – boats with buoyancy tanks only..!


Events are subject to change.

Please note that for all events with a stated age limit, the qualifying age is as on day of race/event.

For all nautical events, children aged 16 and under must wear lifejackets (not supplied).

All trophy winners from throughout Regatta Week are invited to attend the Presentation Evening.

Trophies will only be presented to children rowing in the correct age group.

 rowing boat
3.00 pm Dinghy Racing

Organised by Shaldon Sailing club

Two sea races.

Please contact David Bayliss (SSC) for further details – Tel: 01626 872243.


Fri 5th Aug
6.30 pm assemble7.00 pm start Raft Race Places are allocated on a first come first served basis and can only be booked in advance from Sat 30th July by calling/texting Will Burton on ***** .  Teams of 4 are invited to put on fancy dress (optional) and to build a raft using provided materials only, and then race the raft around our course within the river.Entry is strictly limited to 16 teams of 4, one member of which must be a lady or under 16. All materials, paddles and buoyancy aids are supplied (buoyancy aids supplied by Sea Sports South West). There will be a number of heats followed by a grand final.Prizes are awarded for the biggest ‘You’ve been framed moment’ and best fancy dress. The overall and fastest winners will be awarded with the Raft Race Regatta Trophy.Cash prizes: 1st place £20, 2nd place £15, 3rd place £10.Register your team at the Ship Inn. Entry fee: £10 per team.Presentations are at the Ship Inn (with music) following the racing.  raft

Children’s Sports Results 2016

Fun Sports on The Den. Results: Running Races, 0-5 yrs, 1st Jenson Hancock, 2nd Harley Hayes, 3rd Max Pitman. 6 & 7 yrs Girls, 1st Tilly Peat, 2nd Emmie Moore, 3rd Bobbi Star-Blackmore. 6 & 7 yrs Boys, 1st Austin Blee, 2nd William Mobbs, 3rd Harry Jones. 8 & 9 yrs Girls, 1st Charlotte Bruce, 2nd Mia Davenport , 3rd Lucy Dudley. 8 & 9 yrs Boys, 1st Claude Gray, 2nd Jacob Henson, 3rd Mckenzie Smith. 10 & 11 yrs Girls, 1st Lauren Rowbury, 2nd Keela Addiscott, 3rd Jussica Wilby. 10 & 11 yrs Boys, 1st Ryan Dunn, 2nd Aiden Rylands, 3rd Owen Hanks. 12 & over yrs Girls, 1st Eden Hobbs, 2nd Sasha Crosby, 3rd Millie Cooke. 12 & over yrs Boys, 1st Rees Drysdale, 2nd Ollie Nicks, 3rd Joseph Rodwell.Sack Races, 0-5 yrs, 1st Faye Tragale, 2nd Jenson Hancock, 3rd Anaya Banning. 6 & 7 yrs Girls, 1st Emmie Moore, 2nd Jinnie Rodwell, 3rd Bobbi Star-Blackmore. 6 & 7 yrs Boys, 1st Lewis Blee, 2nd Austin Blee, 3rd Kieran Wilby. 8 & 9 yrs Girls, 1st Clara Conway-Wright, 2nd Charlotte Bruce, 3rd Matilda Gilpin. 8 & 9 yrs Boys, 1st Dom Slader, 2nd Stan Morris, 3rd Christian Vasley. 10 & 11 yrs Girls, 1st Kelisha Coombes, 2nd Keela Addiscott, 3rd Keira Banning. 10 & 11 yrs Boys, 1st Ben Coen, 2nd Toby Beaulah, 3rd Kieren Pond. 12 & over yrs Girls, 1st Megan Hodgson, 2nd Eden Hobbs, 3rd Sasha Cosby. 12 & over yrs Boys, 1st Joseph Rodwell, 2nd Calum Robinson, 3rd Jamie Davenport.

Jumping Race, 0-5 yrs mixed, 1st Max Moore, 2nd Arley Hayes, 3rd Charlie Carey. 

Egg & Spoon Races, 0-5 yrs girls, 1st Scarlett Blee, 2nd Faye Tregale, 3rd Beatrice Belring. Boys 1st Alex Ross-McNairn, 2nd Ryan Kearns, 3rd Max Pitman. 6 & 7 yrs Girls, 1st Bobbi Blackmore, 2nd Mylee Denning, 3rd Emmie Moore. 6 & 7 yrs Boys, 1st Austin Blee, 2nd Nicolas Fernendez-Collier, 3rd Kieran Wilby. 

Walking Backwards Race, 0-5yrs mixed, 1st Max Moore, 2nd Charlie Carey, 3rd Scarlett Blee.

Wheelbarrow Races, 8 & 9 yrs, 1st Charlotte Bruce & Amelie Coen, 2nd Christian & Jack Rodwell, 3rd Mckenzie Smith & Dom Slader. 10 & 11 yrs, 1st Toby Beaulah & Finn Pitman, 2nd Keela Addiscott & Lauren Rowbury, 3rd Jacob Nevel & Aiden Rylands. 12 & over yrs, 1st Calum Robinson & Sam Guppy, 2nd Eden Hobbs & Maizy Bruce, 3rd Joseph Rodwell & Jamie Davenport.

Piggy Back Races, 8-9yrs mixed, Mia Davenport & Clara Conway-Wright, 2nd Allan Jenkins & Claude Gray, 3rd Christian & Jack. 10 & 11 yrs, 1st Jacob Veville & Kiera Banning, 2nd Ben Coen & William Ross-McMairn, 3rd Keela Addiscott & Lauran Rowbury. 12 & over, 1st Calum Robinson & Sam Guppy, 2nd Verity Collier & Megan Hodgson, 3rd Eden Hobbs & Maisy Bruce .

Local Cup Races, Mums Sprint, 1st Sophie Webber, 2nd Kellie White, 3rd Kelly Haynes. Dads Sprint, 1st Gavin Mayhew, Laurence Coen, 3rd Glen Mayhew. Girls 12 – 16 yrs 1st Megan Hodgson, 2nd Eden Hobbs, 3rd Verity Collier. Boys 12 – 16 yrs 1st Kyle Rylands, 2nd Joseph Rodwell, 3rd Sam Guppy.